A thousand miles begins with one step, high quality equipments from excellent processing. WingSun supports customers from sketch to finished product with full design and development capabilities.

Our professional programming engineers are vastly experienced in decades programming experience and development for a different range of machinery part applications. Our programming engineers themselves ever worked at machinery process so they well know the manufacturing processes and construction. They are also good self learner at new equipments knowledge. By taking each project from original concept through final product, they make more reasonable program and they are able to maximize component quality and achieve significant cost savings and timing for our customers.

As a leading
and processional manufacturer of machinery parts, we serve a variety of industries including: household applications, computer and television components, automotive instrumentation, medical devices and toy products. Direct involvement in a variety of industries and experience gives us the edge when it comes to ensuring a part is well manufactured for its intended use. All the manufacturing process will be smooth progress.

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